In a few words, Sialkot city is located in the district of Lahore and at the foot of the south Kashmir mountain. The district spreads over an area of 5,354 sq. kilometers.

The city has an industrial impact on manufacturing surgical instruments, leather, musical instruments, and much more. Mostly, this pearl is well known in the world of the sports industry, especially Football. Another thing that distinguishes this cultural city is the origins of the great poet of east Muhammad Allama Iqbal.

A rich industrial and cultural heritage Sialkot, amongst other things, lacks a modern, smart design, organic living structure, and facilities. To progress for the future, it needs a breakthrough to the new age living standards.

Sialkot Motorway City is just the right mix and match for the transition of Sialkot, towards metropolis transformation. A project vision unmatched by any other that came in the vicinity of Sialkot.


There is no question that when a new chain of the industry comes into the market it brings more technological sophistication to lifestyle. Here is how I see the following impact that will be created by Sialkot Motorway City as an emerging force of change, before and at its creation: –

Modern and Smartly Design

Right off the bat, it is simply bringing the new construction design and living standards that have not been introduced at a mass scale. The smart way of instilling the facilities and developing a one for all land is underway.

Modern Lifestyle

Sialkot is already rich in culture and industrial establishment. Now with Sialkot Motorway City, it is headed towards a richer experience with modern sophistication and style by attracting well-known brands and setting up Communities for all factions and ages. It’s not just bringing in rocks and iron it is bringing a whole set of modern lifestyles.

True to the cause, the lifestyle with modern living standards.

Job Creation

Other than its non-monetary benefits, it is going to create business opportunities for a new business to prosper. The commercial area is set to embark to pull in brands that are of local and international nature. Thus, more business, more job creation, and much more income to come in the way of Sialkot City.

Youth Entertainment

Sialkot Motorway City is not just a place for investments and business. The plan is all set for entertainment purposes for all ages, from community clubs for women, sportsmen, seniors, musicians, etc. to zoos, parks, and cinemas.

Business Development

On the way to becoming a hub of business standards and sleek style, it is establishing itself as a modern amenity for technology.

What better way to open ways for business through the Motorway and connect Pakistan in the whole process. Sialkot Motorway City is at the pinnacle of breakthrough for attracting larger forms of business which is not limited to agriculture or industrial advancement.


Making the infrastructure future-proof and stand the test of time. All the plans revolve around infusing the digital age technology as well as the mechanism for an efficient society to prosper in Sialkot city.


Sialkot Motorways City is developed on the futuristic vision for a sustainable community with a greener effect. The best part of it is that it provides vast investment opportunities for the youth to grow new businesses and shops to grow with a high living style & standard business community.

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